Multiple Sclerosis/Occupational Therapy

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Multiple sclerosis: Evidence-Based Practice Institution Date Multiple Sclerosis is a disorder where the body has an abnormal response in the body’s immune system that is directed against the central nervous system (CNS) as shown in (Loma & Heyman, 2011). The myelin sheath covers the nerve fibers, is attacked by the immune system. The damaged myelin forms scar tissue (sclerosis), which gives the disease its name as indicated by Loma & Heyman (2011). The destruction of the myelin sheath and the nerves disrupts the transmission of messages between the brain and spinal cord. The outcome is a variety of symptoms which include; fatigue, weakness, gait problems, spasticity, vision problems, numbness, and dizziness. Different people present different symptoms, which may begin between the ages of 20-40 years old. The disease is progressive, and in some cases renders a person unable to attend to most of their ADL’s such as walking, bathing and eating. The PICO Question In patients with physical impairment as a result of MS, can the OT intervention help them preserve their jobs, as compared to not seeking OT intervention, by teaching the patients’ self-care skills? Summary of the articles Patients presenting with isolated syndromes that are suggestively clinical to be multiple-sclerosis(MS) for instance symptoms of the spinal cord and optic nephritis are likely to develop MS in later years (Brex, Ciccarelli, O'Riordan, Sailer, Thompson, & Miller, 2002)). Longitudinal case study findings confirmed that patient with multiple sclerosis first present with these syndromes before MS condition developed (Brex, 2002). Over 70 percent of patients in the study who

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