Multicultural Paper

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Multicultural Paper Candidate’s Name Institution’s Name Date Introduction Living in a country that isn’t your origin can be fascinating and an unforgettable experience for many people. However, it is also significant in the development and life of an individual (Alsubaie, 2015). The transformations that one undergoes in conforming to the new ways of life and interacting with the “new” community may take some time. The nature of the cultural practices and how different they seem to be from your original culture determines how fast you can adapt to the new ways of living. As a result of the migration to a new country, one may miss the other family they leave behind, friends and all the privileges that they might be missing in their new country. It always seems hard in the beginning to accept the new culture but eventually one gets used to it and even appreciates it more. Cultural differences, therefore, may affect the development and the roles the genders play in the society depending on the cultural practices and perceptions. Family Having been an American, living in Israel has changed most of my understanding on the cultural practices of the Jews. This country is composed of a diverse combination of ethnic groups with different cultures and religious beliefs. As a child, I used to live with both parents and my two brothers since I was the only daughter in the family. The parents used to leave for work every morning leaving the domestic chores to us whenever we are not in school. The distribution of the duties, therefore, depended on the nature of work that was to be done. For instance, whenever the work required lots of energy to be done, the males

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