Multicultural Empires and the New World

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Multicultural Empires and the New World Origin of crusades The crusades did not just happen as a result of a specific event. There were combinations of factors that united to spur religious, economic, social, and political environment that promoted crusading spirit across Europe and the Middle East. However, crusade first happens in Europe and later spread to the Middle East. The origin of crusades can be traced from the time of the arrival of the Seljuk Turks during the eleventh century. The Turks, as they were named by the Byzantines were nomads. By the tenth century, they converted their faiths to Islam and joined the Muslim empire. Seljuks became very powerful to a point where they started overrunning the Middle East. Among the parts of the Middle East that they captured include Baghdad, Syria, and Persia. Their invasion began in the year 1055 and went to the year 1071 when they overthrew Tatimids, an Egyptian Muslim dynasty that was ruling Jerusalem. It meant that the holy land of the lord was not in safe hands. Even though the Byzantine tried to defend their emperor in the year 1071, they were badly defeated by the Seljuks. The invasion of the Byzantine scared both the Christian countries of Europe and the Westerners. Christians believed that since the Seljuks were Muslims, they will stop Christians from accessing the Holy City of Jerusalem. On the other hand, the capturing of the Byzantine that acted as a buffer between the Europe and the Muslim emperor would mean that the western countries would be under constant attacks by the Muslim Empire. During the same period, Eastern Orthodox Church had split from the Roman Catholic Church (Nicholson, 2004). Therefore,

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