Muhammad and the Conquests to Islam

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‘Muhammad and the Conquests of Islam’ Francesco Gabrielli Student’s Name: Course: Sec No: Semester: The grasping of the history and the idealization of religious leaders has been a complicated undertaking for scholars. Various arguments emerge as scholars try to merge the births, life and achievements of the three leaders that led to the emergence of the three major religions in the world; Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism. Nevertheless, Muhammad, the prophet and leader of the Islam religion is the hardest to describe and corroborate the way he lived and the idealized and magnified status he has had centuries after he led the Arabs in the greatest conquests across the Middle East. Gabrielli argues that while it is difficult to deal with the roles and the idealization and understanding of current beliefs on Buddha and Jesus, understanding Prophet Muhammad of Islam is more difficult. He argues that during his tenure on earth, Muhammad was a mortal being, was prone to human weaknesses, fetishes, and wrongs, which he accepted but he later on paradoxically intertwined his name with that of Allah so that he could achieve the celebrated status he has today. Summary The book is a great source of Arabic history especially during the time before Prophet Muhammad was born, when he became an Arab leader and led to the dramatic conquests, after his death and the process of the attainment not only as an Islam leader but as a way to get to Allah. It helps elucidate the role that Muhammad played in the creation of Islam religion and how the conquests and the state of the Arab countries during the time helped him become prominent and subsequently build up to his

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