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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Movie Review: Goodfellas Goodfellas is one of the most coordinated mob films that explicitly describes the lifestyle of gangsters and their relationship to the world. The film has been described as the best mob movie ever to be created because of how the producer uses various mechanisms to bring the characters closer to the people. The audience can connect with this movie right from the start where Henry confesses of his long-term desire to belong to a gang. However, as the movie progresses, the producer builds up the character of Henry from that of a joyful guy to that of a depressed man who has lost everything he held dear to his life because of his involved in a mob (Walsh 69). The sense of belonging offered in the gang only lasts for a while, and issues begin to arise when he begins to understand the real lifestyle of mob members. Henry helps Jimmy and Tommy burry the body of a person whom Jimmy had murdered during a dispute. The two seem very cold about it, but Henry shows a bit of shock, an indication that his conscious is not fully dead and the violent and merciless lifestyle of the gang members is not what he expected. As the movie develops, the audience and Henry begin to lose interest in the lifestyle of gangsters, hence a positive contribution to the society (Pileggi 53). The movie uses various schemes and mechanism to show the audience the futility of criminal lifestyle. The movie is centered on the lifestyle of Henry who desires to work in a gang and luckily, he gets absorbed into a local mob. The life is okay as the gangsters live like kings in the society. They have no rules to follow expect those that they have made to

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