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Movie Review on ‘A Class Divided’ Name Institutional Affiliation Movie Review on ‘A Class Divided’ The test conducted by Ms. Elliot suggests that prejudice and discrimination is a learned attitude. Children who were best of friends on Monday turned against each other after the teacher separated the group based on eye color. More so, the children viewed as inferior appeared sad, inactive, and horrified. They could not play with the other group and were forbidden from taking second rounds of lunch. Discrimination, as observed from the children, affects the mental state of people. Those who are privileged look down upon the minority while the latter show poor performance in most activities. In a sense, the two groups appear to own up to the expectations placed by society. A child who was told they were smart and neat was well-behaved in class. On the other hand, the one viewed as dumb and irresponsible was less active and performed poorly. A good example is the blue collar on the third graders. The piece of cloth was a literal label of inferiority. There was a child who tried to cut down the collar after the exercise was over. An indication that it brought up bad memories and made him something he never wanted. Another example is the fight after one child called the other ‘brown eyes’ in a day when that particular label faced difficulties. A simple phrase ‘brown eyes’ was turned from a description to an insult. I think it’s true that all people face challenges associated with discrimination. However, the issue arises from the severity. Minority groups in America such as Blacks and Native Indians face more instances of discrimination. There

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