Movie Analysis: Made In Dagenham

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Made in Dagenham Student’s Name: Institution: Made in Dagenham Introduction Leadership and equality have been changing over the course of time. The film, Made in Dagenham is explorative in nature, revealing the working conditions for women in the late 1960s. The film explores the changes the changing roles of women in the traditional setting, revealing their potential and the role that they played in leadership, leading to reforms for the working women. Summary Made in Dagenham is a film released in 2010. Directed by Nigel Cole, the British film is based on a true story, exploring the changes that came about for working women as a result of labor law reforms. Starring is Rita O’Grady, played by Sally Hawkins, who leads women in a strike at the Ford Plant at Dagenham. The women are sewing machinists, but are paid less than the men. They set out on strike, protesting against sexual discrimination and calling for equal pay. The strike gains a lot of public attention as known to be silent, and speaking against the ills of society in the way that they were at that moment was new to the world. They defied the norms, going against their role as primary caretakers of the home (Coppock, Haydon & Richter, 2010). This strike led to the Equal pay Act of 1970. This paper discusses the leadership context in the film. It discusses how the women played leadership roles and how these roles evolved over time. It explores the historical context and the transformation of the leader over the course of the movie. Analysis The leader that emerged in the film is Rita O’Grady, who was steered forward by Union representative, Albert. The women at that time

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