Movie Analysis Invictus

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Movie Analysis Invictus Name Institution Date Movie Analysis Invictus Summary Inviticus is a film that is acted immediately after the apartheid regime. It revolves around characters Nelson Mandela who had just been released from prison and elected the first black South African president. The movie also revolves around a rugby team that was always losing and had lost its supporters who were white especially since the blacks could not support the team since they believed it did not represent them at all. Mandela mentors the team captain and inspires that him to lead his team to win the world cup against New Zealand (Eastwood, 2009). Review Leadership is the activity or individual leading a group or an organization towards a common goal (WebFinance Inc., 2016). Leaders are always expecting to lead followers and step up during the crisis to help their followers to solve problems. Leadership is never taught in class but can, however, be learned through mentorship and coaching. There are several theories which seek to describe major ones being; Great Man theory which expresses leadership as inborn, Trait theories that leaders inherit the leadership qualities from someone, contingency, situational, behavioral, participative, relationship theories among others (, 2010). Leadership can also take different styles depending on the leader or the situation. Leadership can also be classified according to styles such as autocratic, participative, transactional, transformational or laissez-faire leadership (Johnson, 2016). In order to understand leadership, let’s analyze the movie summarized above: Consequently, Nelson Mandela was the primary leader

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