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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Movie Analysis: The Karate Kid How does one feel starting a new life in an entirely new residence? In the “Karate Kid” movie, Daniel and his mom are seen to have relocated to California from New Jersey since his mother had secured a new Job in New Jersey (Zwart et al.). Due to the relocation, Daniel is enrolled in a new school where he was bullied by a group of boys who knew how to fight using the Karate technique. The continued mistreatment forces Daniel to start learning Karate fighting technique. In the process, he met Mr. Miyagi, a Hyndman at the apartment he was staying with his mother, who was very good in Karate. Mr. Miyagi accepted to teach him how to fight using Karate technique, and other than just being his karate teacher, he became his best friend since Daniel found it hard to make new friends (Zwart et al.). Trying to discover oneself seems complex to many people. However, each person has a different perspective about identity (Griffin, Adams and Little 189-196). In the “Karate Kid” movie, Daniel did not know who he was or what he can do until he relocated to a different area and faced challenges that made him make alternative decisions to adapt to that environment (Zwart et al.). On the other hand, Mr. Miyagi was just a Hyndman at Daniel’s apartment, but after meeting Daniel, he realizes that he is also an outstanding Karate teacher who can also have an impact on the life of a young boy (Koester and Lustig 20-21). As a karate teacher, Mr. Miyagi uses different techniques such as sanding wooden floor, and washing and waxing cars, to teach Daniel the Karate movements. Hard work and determination drove Daniel

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