Mountain Wolf Woman and Cynthia Ann Parker

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MOUNTAIN WOLF WOMAN AND CYNTHIA ANN PARKER Name Course Date In the past, women and children were regarded as goods for trade. They were kidnapped and exchanged for other goods in open trades. In the society, their place was to entertain the men, work in the lands and give birth to many children. Their life was confined to the house chores. Then girls as young as ten years could be captured and forced to marry older men. Some of the chiefs could order any woman to be their wives since polygamy was allowed. The Comanche were magnificent at this trade. This caused a rift between the whites and the minority groups including the Hispanics, Indians, and the blacks. Whenever a woman rose above the odds to fight for her people or showed loyalty like Cynthia Ann and the Mountain Wolf Woman, then they deserved to be legends. This paper assesses the history of the two women comparing their similarities and differences and how they came to be historical icons. Parker, a captive of the Comanche, was born in a white family in Crawford County of Illinois. When she was about ten years, her family moved to Texas near the origin of the Navasota River where they built the Fort Parker. However, they were raided by the Comanche and she and her four siblings were abducted. The others were released, but Cynthia was held back. She was forced prematurely marry one of the favorites of the Comanche chiefs. This indicates that entered into an early motherhood against her will. This was the plight of all other women who were either kidnapped by the group or sold to other traders in the open markets. She became the mother of the renowned Chief Parker Quanna who afterward helped end the war

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