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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Motivation Motivation is described as the force which focuses an individual’s conduct to an objective as well as a process that strengthens, and channels and maintains the conduct (Robbins & Judge 202). A vital characteristic is that motivation is a conduct channeled to an objective. It explains a person’s intensity, direction, as well as persistence to reaching an aim. Intensity explains how vigorously an individual struggle but it is improbable to result in good work performance except if it is guided in a track which profits the company (Robbins & Judge 202). Motivation must also be persistent which gauges the period to which an individual may uphold the endeavor. Early Motivation Theories Different scholars have advanced different theories of motivation. Hierarchy of Needs Theory This theory was put forward by Abraham Maslow who postulated that in humans, there are certain needs (Robbins & Judge 203): Physiological such as appetite, thirst, housing and sexual desires. Safety; the defense from bodily as well as emotional injury. Social; the love, fitting in and acquiescence. Esteem; the inner aspects like confidence, independence as well as outside features like standing and acknowledgment. Self-actualization; the urge to be a thing a person can such as attaining his potential as well as self-satisfaction. Therefore, in motivating a worker, the manager must comprehend the level at which the worker is within the hierarchy and concentrates ate fulfilling those needs as well as those above that level. Maslow distinguished the needs into lower and higher-order needs (Robbins & Judge

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