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Mother Tongue Name Institution Abstract The article is based on the correspondent impacts of mother tongue in the society. It depicts different non-native English speaking person who adopts her mother tongue and is not able to speak English as the Americans do since Tan has a significant influence on the primary language. In this article summary, therefore, the audience contains students and other non-native English speaking population who could need to polish their language so as not to get influenced with the English language mother tongue which could be probably their second language. It depicts the effect of adopting new languages as mother tongue in different societies, for example, the English language being spoken by Chinese as their mother tongue. The article also shows how Tan’s mother tongue impacted on people’s perception of her learning. She experienced a lot of critics from other people in the United States about how she spoke English brokenly. Key words: Mother tongue, English, Language, critiques Article Mother tongue is one language that is adopted from the surrounding environment which is spoken by people. In most places of the world, the mother tongue is always the language that is natively spoken in the areas. It is, therefore, evident in most places such as the United States of America where the native language is English. There are thus many factors that affect the use of English by many non-native English speakers today who probably must have taken English as their second language. Tan relates the story of her mother’s language which she adopted and could speak as her mother (Tan, 2002). Also, there are many factors influence

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