Mother Tongue

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Mother Tongue Author Institution Abstract In the world we live in, there are many bilingual and multicultural people. Most immigrants will attest to the fact that language has a vast effect on their lives; the choices they make and the lifestyle they lead. In the article Mother Tongue, Amy Tan, a Chinese American novelist discusses how the language she was taught affected her life. Tan grew up in two different worlds using what she calls different “Englishes”; the first one comprised of her Chinese family and the other was her professional world which had perfect Standard English (Tan, 2002). Tan’s mother spoke limited English due to her ancient origin and was often judged wrongly as a result. The article emphasizes on how mother tongue has a significant impact on the life of children especially the immigrants even on their career choices. The author is however clear that the negative influences of mother tongue on children can be easily overcome. Keywords. Mother Tongue, language, immigrants. Mother TongueA language is a valuable tool. Without it, we become voiceless silencing the song within us. In the article Mother Tongue, Tan discusses how the language she was taught, affected her and made her view life in a different perspective. The struggles she went through due to her linguistic identity played a significant role in the person she is today. Mother tongue shapes various aspects of a child, the lifestyle they lead as adults and their future choices such as career options. An individual is slowly molded by the effects of language as she grows up. Speaking different languages on different occasions ultimately affects lifestyle. However, one thing

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