Mortality and Society

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Mortality and Society Response to Death is the mandate of each and every healthy society; Kastenbaum refers to this cycle as the “death system.” Due to the inevitability of death, people have developed policies that govern the whole process involved with death, from the determination of death, organ transplant and autopsies. For the purpose of order and accountability societies have agreed on procedures and regulations to be followed when executing of certain duties or tasks. These public interests are all interrelated in such a way that if new technology is introduced, then policies are formulated correspondingly to cover new loopholes. The policies that exist are subject to change depending on the period and society in which they are to be implemented. The main concerns are; warning in case of potential death, prevention of death through emergency medical care, caring of the dying and disposing of the dead. Disasters are the major causes of mass death in societies, the risk of occurrence of such disasters in the modern day has increased exponentially. This is because of the high rate of industrialization and the increased settlement of people in high-risk areas like the coastline which exposes them to tornados and tsunamis. In light of this, every person in the society has a stake in trying to prevent these disasters, and with the unified effort, the chances of death are decreased. This is done by taking precautionary measures beforehand and by providing adequate warnings during a case of imminent disaster. When a disaster is unavoidable the people assist in rescuing the survivors and providing them with basic needs like shelter and food; these acts bring societies

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