More and more students choose to study abroad I read of their own country

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Causes and Solutions to Increasing Student Migrants Name Institutional Affiliations: Introductions Education is the impartation of knowledge and skills in the learners as a way of leveraging them to have problem-solving skills and the ability to be better society members. Many social values are passed over from generation to generation through the educational systems in place. In some cases, educational systems are informal, but in other cases they are formal. Every country in the modern world has some form of formal education. However, the learners, especially the students in every country do not feel contented with their educational systems. This has increased the number of students who seek to get the academic qualifications beyond the borders. When it comes to education migration, there is no country spared as any first world or third world country forms either a destination or a source of student migrants. In the past decade, the number of the student migrants have grown exponentially, raising a question of what causes the migrating and what needs to be done to stem down the student migration. This paper looks into the changing face of student migrants across different countries and suggests possible causes and solutions to the issue. The Student Migration Changing Data It is not only the elite countries including America, England, and the likes that form the net importers of student migrants. Figures show that the need to seek education is an activity that cut beyond all the borders on the globe. To make matters even more concerning, the number of students seeking education beyond their national borders has risen sharply over the past decade. According

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