Moral Relativism

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Name Professor Course Date Moral Relativism There is concrete evidence to support the moral relativism concept as noted in the cultural diversity of people. Xiao and Huang proposed that the difference in attitude implies that what is right or wrong depends on the specific situation (51-76). More so, universal morals are a matter of opinions rather than facts and thus, are considered non-verifiable. Criticism on relativism revolves on its endorsement of decadence. Nonetheless, I feel that Moral relativism is correct because it gives a realistic view of the world. Also, moral relativism is measurable on severity and dissimilar perspectives. Moral relativism refers to a perspective which opposes absolutism in matters relating to ethical conductCITATION Luk11 p 21 l 1033 (Lukes 21). Despite the fact that different relativists have diverse ways of defining the term, two unique explanations give a general view of it. First of all, they all think that morality of a situation varies on the community and the person. What one community or person would view as right might be wrong to another and vice versa. Secondly, relativists assert that no perspective of morality is inferior or superior to the rest because every person believes that their understanding of morals is more logical than for others. In so doing, everyone is right and wrong at the same time depending on the specific community. I completely agree with the arguments developed for moral relativism. Moral perspectives are products of emotions and sentiments for a given community. According to Lukes the fact that there are numerous communities in the world implies that the possibility of different views of

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