Moral panic

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Moral panic It is a sensation or state of fear influenced in a large group of individuals that a particular evil threatens the welfare of the society. It is also a procedure of stimulating societal apprehension over a subject typically the work of mass media and moral entrepreneurs. The media plays a vital role in spreading of moral panic even though they do not seem to slot in crusading. Stating facts to a large audience through a medium is enough to generate worry, panic or anxiety. It is deemed a threat to social significance and interests. An example of moral panic in the current generation is a war on drugs, the impact of violent movies and video games to young children among others. Moral panics are perceived to have an impact on expectations of gender roles and identities. It is evident in societies being feminist and the social control of gender. Consistently, government administration and organizations have been known to discriminate women regarding social status and roles in the workplace. Individuals still grip to traditional gender roles in which men were considered dominant over women. Men dominate the most vital governmental positions such as those of the legal system. Furthermore, women during court cases are forced to rely on legal systems that are based on patriarchy and racial discrimination. In addition, men are considered agentic meaning they are self-confident, independent, capable, masterful and achievement-oriented. Women, on the other hand, are considered communal such that they are unselfish, co-dependent, emotional, communicative, and relationship-oriented among other attributes. Currently, the social media is considered the most influential

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