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Author Tutor Course Date. Moral Allegory Horror Moral allegory stories base their plot on how a supernatural being enters the physical world when there is an ethical lapse in judgment of the characters or the society as a whole. Both The New Mother and The Others are good examples of moral allegories. Clifford tells a story about two siblings and their mother in the New Mother. The two well-behaved children, Blue Eyes, and Turkey change when they meet a stranger who promises to show the inside of a pear-shaped box if and only if they become naughty. The children misbehave, and this drives their mother away, and a new mother shows up. The Others is a horror movie that revolves around Grace, her two children Anne and Nicholas and their three servants, Mrs. Mills, Mr. Tuttle and Lydia all who live in an old mansion. With Charles, a man of the house, away, Grace is in charge and tries to keep a strict regimen of religious education on her children. However, one thing is obvious; strange, mysterious things are happening in her house. Graces actions categorize The Others as a moral allegory. At one point she was stricken by grief, all alone without her husband and she got mad. In psychosis, she smothered the children with a pillow to death (AMENÁBAR). Because of this act, the children came back in the form of ghosts, the supernatural beings, and later on the three servants who were also ghosts came. Amenabar bases the whole movie on spirits. On the other hand, The New Mother moral allegory comes in due to the actions of the two children who decide to disobey their mother. In real life, this is meant to be a warning and a threat to children who disrespect their

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