Monopoly Strategies

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Name Instructor Course Date Monopoly strategies According to Philip Orbanes monopoly is always a game, and it majorly depends on how best someone plays his game. The art of money, management, and efficient negotiation are the key principles in remaining monopolistic in the industry. Philip tries to explain the various ways and methods of achieving and eventually staying at the top of the monopoly game. The first rule of monopoly to him is diversity. One has to diversify his investments to have a vast pool of investment that can guarantee enough revenue streams but at the same time guard against bankruptcy. Another monopoly strategy is good cash management. There is no need for one to just sit in cash. The cash should be put into deeds where investments take place. Monopoly requires one to invest to be at the top constantly. Besides, there is also the return on the money invested (Orbanes, N.p). The strategy ensures that one has to predetermine the returns that he will be getting an investment to know his position in the future financial markets. Having a pool of resources guarantees constant returns on the investments as they augment each other. To remain monopolistic one has to possess the art of negotiation. The art ensures that you have good humanistic relations that translate into consumers identifying with your product. It’s though negotiations that deals are made, loans for investment are guaranteed, and the government makes sound financial laws. To remain monopolistic then one has to device several strategies that can guarantee zero competition. The above success strategies have been very instrumental for many firms like coca cola. Knowing the value of

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