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Linda: I am not going to cry anymore. But please make me understand. Why Willy, why did it come to this? Why did you do it? (Sobs rising) I have tossed the question in my mind for some time now, please help me, and don’t torture me anymore. (Pauses for a moment contemplating) When I was just a teenager, a newlywed, I believed I owned the whole world. I believed I would accomplish all my childhood dreams, reach all my expectations. Everything seemed totally fine at the time. My parents and I loved you to the bottom of our hearts. We felt that you were an ambitious guy that would get anything that he wished, not a quitter. Oh! How they immediately fell in love with you after you told them of your aspirations and what you were doing. As for myself, I knew you were the one I would live the rest of my life with immediately on setting my eyes on you. Your desire for success pushed me through each day as I knew that one day we would live the life we desired. (Pause) Many years down the line, all my dreams had not been accomplished; we were still far. The salary was not enough and many of the times you were jobless. However, my hope did not fade away. I still hoped that things would get better. I struggled to get a few coins here and there that would supplement the income through various tasks, but there was no significant change. You seemed to have lost all hope my dear husband, but I always encouraged you, soothed you through the night. I got wind of the information that you had been unfaithful to me, that you were sleeping with different women in your workplace. But I remained by your side. I knew you would change as we had much to accomplish together. But why did

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