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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course NumberDate Analysis of Molière’s plays "Tartuffe." Molière’s play, "Tartuffe," use a dramatic style of writing thus making the play unique. To be specific, his use of satirical bent, wonderful intellect, sharp humor, not to mention the emphasis on irony made the play inimitable in his time. It is worth noting that the author reflected on the human nature and French society to enlighten on their sidesplitting glory of their infirmity, stupidity, immorality and pretense. Therefore, the aim of this essay is to discuss the play through plot summary and analysis of some of the major themes. The play begins with Cleante confronting Tartuffe and demanding that he help remedy Orgon and Damis’s separation. He does not heed to the request despite Cleante’s reminder that failure to help contradicts his devotion to assume accountability for earthly punishments. From the second to the fourth scene, Dorine, Elmire, Cleante, and Mariane are talking together. Elmire believes that Tartuffe is wicked despite Orgon’s counterarguments claiming that he is calm and not as tempered as Damis. Therefore they agree that Orgon would hide and overhear a dialogue between Tartuffe and Elmire. Tartuffe takes the bait when Elmire suggests that they should romantically enjoy one another. Orgon reveals himself and angrily confronts Tartuffe for being so wicked. There are two main themes in the play, and that is hypocrisy and femininity. It is evident that hypocrisy is slippery and to some people it is evident. Tartuffe, for example, reveals his hypocrisy as the play progresses. His hypocrisy goes in line with trickery and everything

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