Molecular medicine and global health

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Dated: ******* To The Dean of Science and Technology Norway Institute of Science and Technology Ref: “Motivation for Pursuing Masters Program in Molecular Medicine” Respected Sir/Madam, I am responding with reference to express my motivation of pursuing a Masters Program in Molecular Medicine in your esteemed organization. The field of molecular medicine have always interested throughout my academic career. Moreover, I am always attracted towards newer therapeutic approaches. The field of molecular medicine promises novel initiatives for planning therapeutic interventions. Diseases are traditionally viewed and managed at the systematic level. Although different diseases are successfully managed at the systemic level, still there are certain diseases which have a poor prognosis. Such poor prognosis mainly stem from the inability to appraise the disease at the molecular level. As I understand, molecular medicine is viewed as “tomorrow’s medicine”. Molecular medicine provides a thorough understanding regarding cellular processes and molecular changes that underpins physiological or pathological states. Radical developments in the field of molecular biology have paved the way for practicing molecular medicine. Hence, I am interested for pursuing the Masters program in Molecular Medicine at your esteemed institution. The Masters program would increase my competence in the field of cellular and molecular biology. Such skills and competence would help me in undertaking research activities in molecular medicine and also for aiding me in my clinical practice. My interests in molecular medicine pivot around management of cancer. I have done by

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