Module 6 Victim Written Assignment

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Criminal Justice Name Institution Course Date The prosecutor’s website of counties in Ohio provides information on what the prosecutors do in each county. Web sites of rural, suburban and inner-city attorney’s websites in Ohio provide services that serve the people in the various counties. The prosecutor’s website is used as a source of information for victims of different crimes. Victims receive a broad range of services from the attorney’s office ("Athens, OH - Official Website - Law Department," n.d.). The websites of the prosecutor’s office all provide information on the rights of victims. They also provide information on the duties and responsibilities of the different division of the prosecutor’s office. The quality of services offered by the prosecutor’s office in rural and suburban areas and inner city vary. Example rural prosecutor’s offices normally have challenges in providing assistance to victims of different crimes. The prosecutor’s office has several problems such as staffing limitations hence perpetrators of the crimes are not adequately prosecuted. The variations are due to differences in funding ("Ohio Public Sector Attorneys | Cleveland Real Estate Lawyers | Nicola, Gudbranson & Cooper, LLC," n.d.). Due to the assumption that rural areas have lower crime rates and smaller population means that the funds allocated to them are lesser than the urban areas. Limitations in funds in the rural county lead to problems such as staffing and hence services provided are to victims are of poor quality compared to the suburban and inner city prosecutors offices ("Welcome to the Law Director's Home Page | Lancaster, OH - Official Website,"

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