Modernism in Literature

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Modernism in literature has existed since the early 20th Century. It is a genre that is characterized by themes such as irony and self-consciousness and presents a different way of viewing reality. The genre is also concerned with literary and social conventions and replaces traditional ideas with those that are considered revolutionary including individualism, inquiry and future orientation. Authors such as Willian Faulkner and Willa Catha popularized the genre with books and stories such as The Sound and the Fury and Neighbor Rosicky. The following essay shall focus on how modernism is depicted in Catha’s book. In Scott Fitzgerald’s Babylon Revisited we are introduced to the main character that is Charlie Wales. He seems to be battling many demons, but he also seems to be winning the fight. One characteristic he has is that he is charming. Charlie has great personal charm and is only 35 years old. He is physically attractive, a quality that affects Lorraine and perhaps Marion as well. Charlie is also strong willed. This character is conveyed to the audience when he says that he restricts himself to only one drink a day and is cemented when he refuses Duncan and Lorraine’s invitation to party. “Sorry, but I can’t. Tell me where you’ll be, and I’ll phone you in half an hour.” CITATION Fit31 l 1033 (Fitzgerald, 1931). Charlie is also caring and devoted. He has worked through his issues and wanted to have his daughter back whom he loves very much. He feels that buying her things is not enough. Modernism in Neighbor Rosicky is depicted in a variety of ways. The story focuses on a poor immigrant farmer who is a minority who came to the country in search of

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