Mixed Methods Research on Bullying

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Progress: WEEK 3 In previous research on bullying, much has been vaguely known to the researchers. One of the major factors that were considered during the draft of the design used is that many have failed to obtain a comprehensive understanding of bullying behavior in schools. This factor has then attributed to the methods used in the collection of data to be analyzed in this research. Just as other numerous researchers have approached the quantitative method of data collection, this study also follows suit. Qualitative methods of collecting the data were also used in the development of the research methodology. A challenge encountered in the methodology of this research is the over reliance on the quantitative findings from the reviewed literature in the earlier stages of the research. Qualitative methods of collecting data brought about advantages as they catered for an implicit understanding of interviewee groups from a social perspective. However, this research method had a challenge of diversity since the methods had to rely on variable human social factors which hinder measurability as well as accuracy (Jun & Espelage, 115-126). WEEK 4 1. Research environment The eventual methods of research were both quantitative and qualitative. Therefore, objective observations of human contexts and their understanding had to be included in the collected data according to the context and situation within which they occurred. For example, factors that play a part in a student’s sensitivity to their safety are variable, and they may contribute to the occurrence of bullying. 2. Data collection strategies Statistical knowledge is regarded incomplete in a case where empathetic

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