Mixed Method Research

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Advantages of Mixed Methods Research Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Advantages of Mixed Method Research A mixed method study is a research that uses both qualitative and quantitative techniques to ensure a deep understanding of the topic and acquire reliable results. One advantage of the approach is that it offers strengths that counterweigh the weaknesses of both qualitative and quantitative inquiries (Leedy & Ormrod 2015). For example, quantitative studies provide a poor understanding of the environment in which people behave, a factor that qualitative research offsets. Alternatively, qualitative research is often susceptible to biased interpretations by the scholar and offers a challenge in generalizing results to a large group; these are weaknesses that quantitative studies do not have. Additionally, a mixed method offers a more in-depth and comprehensive explanation of the research problem that either qualitative or quantitative techniques. Using the approach enables the researcher to collect more data from various sources unlike the case when focusing on a specific methodology. As a result, it is easier to interpret the findings from a wide range of sources and come to a profound understanding of the research problem. It also offers an approach for developing enhanced and context-specific instruments (Leedy & Ormrod 2015). When researching about a particular subject, it is possible to acquire more information that would allow the researcher to come up with an instrument with more construct validity. Therefore, a mixed method approach helps to describe findings or the manner in which causal processes take place more comprehensively.

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