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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Mission Statement for Post-Modern Art Galleries The mission of PMAG is to offer university communities and the entire public in the United States a place that builds the art community as a real social network through the acquisition, preservation and interpretation of the diverse pool of American arts and other ethnographic pieces of international art. Collections will comprise American photography, prints and, paintings of the 20th century, European paintings of the 19th century, subcontinent India folk art, and, fabrics and ceramics of Pre-Columbia. With its greater emphasis on the exploration of arts in the context of social, cultural and historical perspectives, PMAG offer a meaningful education experience and a thought-provoking exhibition through visual arts which serve as the primary repository for the art in American universities. Creation of PMAG is founded on Landry’s (n.p) claim that the art need be experienced in person so that it can get a sense of its magnitude. Work cited Landry, J. (2017). Why Art Galleries Are Important. HuffPost. Available at: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/jason-landry/why-galleries-are-importa_b_4074202.html

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