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First Name Surname Instructor Course Date Mission Review Mission Information Space agency: NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Mission name: The Mars 2020 Target(s): Mars Proposed launch year: Summer 2020 Mission Summary The mission by NASA will be launched in summer 2020 targeting the Mars using the rover technique whereby the robot is sent to the planet to conduct the investigation (NASA 1). Essentially, the aim of the mission is to investigate the possibility of life on Mars by collecting important evidence that can prove its ability to support life. The Martian rocks shall be investigated to establish the conduciveness of the environment in favoring the microbial life as proof of the existence of past life on the planet (NASA 1). As such, the robot will gather the samples of rocks and soil for the possibility of transportation to the earth. The rocks and soil shall be carefully studied once they are brought to earth to identify their chemical composition and structure. It is worth noting that the robot will require a new subsystem for the collection and preparation of the rocks and soil samples. Such a subsystem will include incorporation of a coring drill on the robotic arms with sample tubes placed on a rack (NASA 1). In that regard, the robot will deposit the sample tubes at strategic locations on the Mars whereby they can be accessed during a future sample-retrieval mission. Essentially, science instruments mounted on the robotic arms will be utilized in the identification of signs of the existence of past life on the Mars while determining the appropriate positions for the collection of the samples. Notably, the science instruments will

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