Misperception of the Mexicans’ Undocumented Immigration to the USA

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Many factors influence the misperception of the rise in undocumented immigration of the Mexicans to the United States of America (USA). The USA has over the years taken advantage of the Mexico problems so as to increase labor in their country. One of the significant reason is that the people of Mexico are subjected to the much economic crisis. They are forced to look for employment elsewhere away from their country. Since they are located near the Southern border of the USA, the government assumes that most are illegally entering their country. Construction and farming industries in the USA have many workers who are not Americans but Mexicans. Mexico population rise in children has been another cause. Many families are thus forced to look for jobs so as to feed their children. Job employment opportunities in their country are not able to provide work for all citizens. Since the USA is one of the most developed states in the world, the Mexicans find it convenient to earn a living there than in their country. Many Mexican workers who get a chance go back home; they always come with good news concerning the job vacancies in the construction and farm industries in the USA. The Mexicans have traditionally engaged in farming of animals, selling meat industries and also in construction work. They thus feel more potentially fit to work in these areas than the Americans. Push factors in Mexico, poverty being one of them has been an advantage to the USA country over many years. Many Mexicans are unable to come out of poverty, and this has created alternative ways for them in the USA. The country is flooded with so much wealth that Mexicans find it worth enough to end poverty in

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