Miracle of Love

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Date of submission Miracle of Love Love is the irresistible affection that one develops to another person that in one way or another bond and brings them together. Apparently, it is because of this particular kind of affection that people can indeed do crazy and unimaginable things. In this context, the crazy and amusing occurrences can generally be classified as miracles of love (Allen 84). So what exactly is this thing that love can do which in real sense appear to be utterly impossible? That bases the primary objective and question to be answered to clearly understand this love miracles as a whole. The greatest of all the miracles of love is that which lies in marriage (Mason 114). A situation where two couples who by all means do not share any ancestral roots come together to form a union which is everlasting is indeed not a minor event. It is the universal nature of love that allows the intermingling and free interaction among people to the extent that they can end up settling together and behaving like those who share the same origin (Sorokin 23). Apparently, unity comes in as a major miracle that is possible because of love. In essence, different people are divided not only by their race or ethnic group but also by religion (Lyons 340). However, this universal language brings all people together regardless of their background and thus unites them. Evidently, with unity there is power and great things can happen. A good example of the loving miracle is the cordial relation and cohesion of black and white Americans regardless of their race (Siegel 330). Primarily, were it not for the love of humanity, this

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