Minority Groups and the Court System Paper

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MINORITY GROUPS & COURT THE SYSTEM Name Institution Abstract Due to the substantial research and knowledge accumulated from implicit bias, implicit and explicit stereotypes and attitudes. “The moment has come to face the big question of how we will overcome all this in our society. The paper will seek to explain the differences between implicit bias and stereotypes and explicit stereotypes and attitudes. The paper will also show and elaborate on the effects of biases in the courtroom and how the racial disparity in sentencing affects the criminal judicial justice system, this will lead to the identification of the causes of racial disparity and ways they are frequently manifested in the day to day activities of the criminal justice system.” As we can gather, a lot of people working in the criminal justice are very on point with the problem of racial disparity and are highly willing to find measures to repel the adverse effects it has. We can readily come to facts that, racial disparity is a disease in the society as a whole, but nevertheless, actions can be taken to cure or reduce its spread. Introduction In the American society, “people have different views and opinions concerning various matters.” Hence, the need to acquire and gain from economic prosperity is not a view shared uniformly in the society. Due to this, whole sectors of the society have become marginalized. This is seen through the indifferent treatment of persons of different color through the entire division of the criminal justice system. This racial and ethnic disparity bring about mistrust from the public on the criminal justice system, leading to difficulties for the system to

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