Minnesota Evolution

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Diverse forms of protesting are used across the globe to snowball the immediate government to meet the demands of the protesters. Minnesota residents have consistently used different forms of protesting to ensure the government of the day plays to their demands (Diss 4). The residents began using protests as a means to public participation before the state joined the union. Striking, sit-ins, demonstrations, and social movements are the most commonly used forms of protests in the state. Workers have regularly used strikes to ensure the employers meet their demands, especially after the formation of giant unions representing different employees in the state. The Farmers Alliance regularly demonstrated against the government’s inaction in marketing their produce, at which the state was an agricultural produce export hub. Ignatius Donnelly protested with residents especially after blacks were denied the right to vote and even after the mining, timber and railroad barons enacted policies that limited the economic prospects of the poor (Gilman 12). Protests have negatively and positively impacted on Minnesota’s economy. Populists used alliances and unions such as Knights of labour and unions to critique a growing number of large corporations in the state. The companies formed cartels that ensured the companies reigned over the workers by reducing wages and increasing working periods in the factories. However, workers protests led by Donnelly resulted in the creation of super companies such as the NSC (National Securities Company). Roosevelt liquidated the company through the president's policies on anti-trust, ensuring that development was equal in the state (Cudahy and

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