Minimum Wage: Although Good Intentions, Bad Policy

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name English 1A Date Minimum Wage: Although Good Intentions, Bad Policy Minimum wage rates like any other national decision affecting the working environment of people have economic impacts in the long run that require considerable consideration when they have to be implemented. My essay presents an overview about the amount of minimum wage in the United States. There have recently been disputes on the issue of raising the minimum wage. Some have confidence that by raising the minimum wage, many Americans would be able to climb above the poverty line and increase their way of life ("United States Minimum Wage Increase"). Others dispute those ideas are saying that increasing the flow pay would only make it more difficult for employers to remunerate their employees and people would begin to lose the incentive to work hard. The argument discusses if the government needs to control the economic system to assist the market in taking in low or no skilled workers. Much of this argument indirectly borders the topic of whether the private or the public sector should take on the responsibility of easing the poverty level. I don’t agree with individuals who argue that the living standard is going to improve with a higher minimum wage. The minimum wage will not fix the problem of rising living costs. Increasing the minimum wage will not correct the problem because the price of items of merchandise will increase to match it; therefore the difference between wages and cost of living will still be the same (Halvorson N.p). Many will say that the cost of living is going to improve with a higher minimum wage. But I say that if we work on

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