Minimum wage

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Minimum wages Student’s name Institutional affiliation There are three main aspects of life; the social aspect, the economic aspect, and the political aspect. For life to continue smoothly, all of these aspects must be observed to the latter. The economic aspect is especially very important because it deals with the very existence of the people. Among the things that civilization has brought along is the aspect of working for a wage. Employment is the driver of any economy in any country today; from the richest countries to the poorest third world country. Almost every person in the world struggles to get the best education in order to secure a job at the end of it all. Jobs are of different nature and therefore, there are different wages awarded to each and every employee, depending on the environment of the job, the qualifications and other factors. However, in each and every country, there is, or there should be a minimum wage or salary. There are many reasons as to why there should be this minimum wage. The minimum wage has been a problem in the economic sector in many countries for a long time. This essay attempts to address this issue in detail. The essay begins by providing a brief history of the topic and explaining why the issue should be addressed as a societal problem in the 21st century. In writing this essay, a lot of information has been used. The information has been got from credible sources. The sources have also been cited accordingly as per the instructed method of citation. Basically, employment can be defined as the relationship between two or more parties, which is characterized by a contract. The party which pays for the work may either be

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