Mini Ethnography

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MINI ETHNOGRAPHY Name of Student Name of Course Date The court case is about the Anishinaabeg ; and Mike Restoule, in specific, suing Canada for remaining complacent with the annuity payments. Apparently, for more than a century, the payments have not been increased from $4. Restoule is speaking on behalf of numerous Anishinaabeg whose elation upon instigation of the court case is evident in the former’s voice. There is an integration of the Robinson-Huron Treaty in this court case which is responsible in the fulfillment of the First Nations’ rights such as hunting and fishing. The Treaty is responsible in the increment of this $4 annuity which has been the order of the day since 1874 in Canada.As a matter, Restoule is, in fact, the chair of the Robinson-Huron Treaty and is certain bringing the issue to court will finally work to their advantage. An ethnographic description of the court case begins with the issue of the jurors wearing black robes which white collars; and resembling the Catholic Priests. There is an incomprehensible instance of irony as the Catholic Church was quite inhumane to the Indigenous people in Canada yet the court case is about them. Right at the beginning, the judge is referred to as “Madam Justice” showing that she is a judge in the Superior Court of Justice. Again, there is a realization that the jurors are predominantly Caucasian, representative of the white people in Canada. The judge does not wear a wig, which is; in fact, often present in other nations’ courtrooms as it shows the ‘seriousness’ of the court case and its proceedings. Both the jurors and judges have quite polished looks particularly because of their

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