Midaq Alley

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Student’s Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Gender Roles in Midaq Alley Naguib Mahfouz, the author of Midaq Alley, brings out an Egyptian historical period in when the country was re-asserting its identity. In the traditional Egyptian society, women were allotted the roles of domestic help, caretakers, and mothers within the family structure. Men, on the other hand, were the protector of the family. The traditional gender roles began shifting, and women started achieving certain changes. The status of women in the country remains a problematic issue especially in several Muslim societies in the current world. However, various characterizations of females revealed shows diversity in Egypt. During the historical period, the war was wrecking chaos in many parts of the world, offering new opportunities for residents of Midaq Alley. Based on the novel, there was a change in the role of females as well as males during the historical period in Egypt. The author presents changing female attributes in the role of wives, mothers, sisters, lovers and daughters. They are portrayed to be strong, obedient, powerful, independent, religious and subservient. The characters of women in the author’s understanding are unique within the Egyptian culture. As a result of the war, women began working and holding power over men. Mahfouz brings out Hamida to be a strong and rebellious character bringing out the difference between the new ways of life and the traditions. Despite being raised in a poor alley, Hamida devotes her life to two goals, money, and freedom. She is a character who will better her opportunities by doing what she can do to free herself from the traditional customs set by

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