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Microsoft Windows tablet. The podcast is quite interesting and informative. The hosts engage in talks that not only inform, but also educate the listener on the various topics involved. Their reporting and discussing is extensive and incisive, giving the listener so much information about the topics. The hosts also take use the podcast to voice their opinions on the various topics. Furthermore, they call on contributions from other contributors asking them to give more information on the topics they are discussing. From time to time, there are breaks, particularly between one topic and the other. The breaks make the podcast well-organized and prevent the listening from becoming too...

Microsoft) keeping in view the data presentation requirements from the reports. Crow's Foot notation was used for modeling the data (Dybka). Based on the proposed ERD, the enrollment, course completion, course sequence, advisor and thesis committee reports can easily be generated at any time. Entities Four entities extracted from the data presented in the reports include student, course, professor and thesis committee. Relationships and Cardinalities The relationships between the entities were based on the following business rules: Many students enroll to many courses (mandatory, many-to-many) Many courses have many students (mandatory, many-to-many)’ A course may have a prerequisite course...

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Microsoft Visio software works for all the purpose of diagramming in the professional field. Hence, graphics can also be inserted in the diagram in a vector formula. Through its uses, a diagram can be dissected down into smaller parts that can be described independently. There are also different native formats that are used while working on a Visio Application. Hence, a database may be created for a diagram in the application. The Visio Application is divided into dual editions that differ in terms of their application to the industry. These two are different in terms of their capabilities. I have used the “vsdx” native file format in the project that required a network of an office. The diagram...

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