Microorganisms Lab Report 2

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Microorganisms Lab Report By (Name): Course: Supervisor: Institution: City/State: Date:INTRODUCTION Background Information Particles and substances of biological origin diffused in the air are called bio-aerosols. These include bacteria, fungi, viruses, pollen, and spores. Fungi and bacteria are found in significant percentages both indoors and outdoors. Environmental contamination increase as the level of hygiene decreases. Bacteria show a high growth in numbers than the slow-growing fungi. Higher percentages of fungi are present indoors than outdoors (Yassin and Almouqatea, 2010). Inorganic pollutants cause microbial contamination indoors. Bacteria and fungi can be emitted by animals, wastebaskets, and plants. According to Hauser (1986), laboratory settings and procedures can be compromised by microorganisms. Controlled bacterial and fungal growth needs favorable conditions. Hypothesis Fungi exist in either unicellular or filamentous form surrounded by a cell wall. Non-sporulating fungi have spores which are enclosed in a fruiting structure. Bacteria vary in size but there are three types of shapes namely; spherical-shaped coccus spirillum with a spiral or comma-shaped and bacillus which are rod-shaped. Some bacteria exist in singularity while others occur in chains and packets. METHODOLOGY Materials Sterile swabs for collecting specimens, disinfectant solution like ethanol, a burner, an inoculating loop, stock culture, petri dishes. Media preparation requires a beaker, graduated cylinder, petri dish and a stirring rod. A burner is used for sterilization. Methods The aseptic technique is used for growing fungi or bacteria. It involves sterilization

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