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Student’s Name Course Tutor’s Name Date Microaggression Microaggression Microaggression refers to usual and short-lived daily behavioral, verbal, or environmental humiliations, which are either unintended or deliberate, and that express negative, offensive, or hostile racial insults and rebuffs toward persons of color (Sue 4). Examples of Microaggressions experienced by Dr. Berry The first instance of microaggression experienced by Dr. Berry is being presumed, because she is a female and African-American, to be less qualified and skilled than her white male counterparts, and that she was only hired to fulfill a double minority quota (Berry 1). Dr. Berry insists that those who are against the affirmative action have managed to destroy the legality of the regulation and tar the status of any person who might gain from the policy. She notes that she is aware of the act of microaggression via a feeling that she obtains from the tone of people’s voice (Berry 2). Likewise, some of the students call her Ms., while her male colleagues are referred to by the learners as Professor or Doctor. Dr. Berry mentions that she is not alone as other female professors are also treated the same way. The second example is that when Dr. Berry is in class, her origins are being questioned, grading considered as too unfair or strict, lectures criticized, and her prospects dismissed as too difficult or high (Berry 2). She says that she once had a learner who would evaluate notes with her that he had taken on her lesson, then provide guidelines on how she could improve her notes. Seemingly, the student thought he was doing a favor for her, regardless of the reality that she had

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