Michigan Achieving Statehood

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Name Instructor Course Date Michigan Michigan is a state in America bordering approximately four of the great lakes. The state is divided into two land masses; lower and upper peninsulas (McGinnis, 7). McGinnis claims that for many years, Michigan barred from attaining statehood due to the conflict over the Toledo strip. After the resolution of the conflict, Michigan attained statehood in the year 1837 on the twenty-sixth of January. The Michigan early settlers included the European settlement (French Canadians and British explorers), which began in Michigan Midwest in the early 1600s (McGinnis, 8). The settlers encountered hardship moments including disease infections due to the swamps in the region. There were no better medication and proper sustainable hygiene in the area. However, the inexpensive land in Michigan gave the settlers the opportunity to venture into farming due to its good climatic condition and fertile soil. These led to growth farming in Michigan and hence control in wheat production (McGinnis, 15). This also increased their standard of living and food was readily available for the people. Michigan developed in various aspects during the early settlement on the eve of the civil war. Economically, Michigan’s gross economy increased due to the growth in the farming sector, automobile industry and the rise of mining and lumbering industries (McGinnis, 34). The enormous establishments of education facilities in Michigan by the early settlers enhanced economic growth. Many students were able to enroll in the established learning institutions. More health and recreation facilities developed in Michigan before the eve of the civil war. Darts, golf clubs,

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