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Mythology Name: Institution: Mythology Introduction The term mythology has been widely utilized in the English language and is associated with the study of myths. According to the definition by Ancient History Encyclopedia, mythology is a combination of two Greek words, ‘mythos' which is story-of-the-people and logos which means spoken or word. Therefore, the direct translation is the spoken word of the people (Mark, 2009). However, a comprehensive definition of mythology according to Mark (2009), it is the study and extensive interpretation of sacred stories or fables of individual's culture known as myths. Additionally, the myths or stories usually have moral lessons and teach people on the rewards of being good and the consequences of being evil or bad. Myths give an insight into the people's belief and values on matters about the origin of life, life, and death as well as afterlife and gods (Mark, 2009). Mythology is a collection of myths of a particular people and studying its inception, evolution and current traits are imperative in understanding the culture of people of a particular community. Inception of Mythology In reality, no literature gives the dates in which mythology was started. However, the existing literature agrees of one thing, that myths were stories about the ancient people that were distorted over time and repeatedly told through a long period that they were almost believed to be true (Murnaghan, 2009). The other way that mythology came to inception is through allegory where the myths are meant to interpret different distinctive natural features as well as spiritual or philosophical. The allegorical inception of mythology can be

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