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Menopause Name Institution Date Article Review: Menopause Issues Maccarthy, K. (2016). Former Tennis Pro Chris Evert Reveals How Menopause Impacted Her Life. AbcNews. Review of the Article Maccarthy discusses menopause as one of the most critical developmental issues that should be put into consideration. The incumbent author discusses the life of Chris Evert one of the most famous tennis legends in the world. Maccarthy sought to establish whether menopause had contributed to the divorce between the incumbent tennis player and her husband, Andy Mill. Evert revealed the tenets that accompanied her divorce in 2006 to Lance Armstrong, a host of one of the most influential ABC television shows. Evert added that they were still friends with Mill despite their divorce. She added that she had hard times with Greg Norman, a man who married her after divorcing Mill, a friend of her new husband. Continuous challenges saw their marriage last for only15 months, citing menopause as the risk factor to her divorces. Nevertheless, Evert revealed to Armstrong that she was still in a serious relationship with Mill and that they support and depend on each other. As such, each will be responsible and take good care of the partner until death separates them. The Concept of Menopause Discussed in the Article This article acknowledges menopause is one of the most critical issues that affect the lives of women when it comes to the sustainability of relationships, partnership and marriage between couples. The television host begins by providing a brief but an informative narration regarding what transpired in the lives of Evert who divorced her husband, Mill, after being

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