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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course Title: BUS 108 Date: MEMORANDUM Date: To: The Employees of Data Research Consultancy Group. From: Department of Vice President Reporting the Death of the Data Research Director Mr. Herold Olsen It is with great sorrow we report the death of the Data Research Director Mr. Herold Olsen. The director passed on last week due to the heart attack. He was a hardworking and a dedicated director whose services cut across the organization’s core undertakings. Before his death, Mr. Harold had pioneered breakthrough technologies including developing a new system and digitized application for data handling. The deceased was also the chief developer and engineer of our company’s analytics and data intelligence for the eight years. The company has, therefore, lost one of its greatest staff, and it is with sorrow that we report of this untimely death. The memorial services will be at Las Vegas, Chapel of the Bells. The employees who would like to attend the memorial but are scheduled to report to work for their respective duties are advised to speak to their direct supervisors. Requests for attendance will be honored on a first-come, first-serve basis for time offs. Those who would like to attend the services prior to the actual memorial and burial are encouraged to contact Chapel of Bells, Las Vegas for further arrangements. Mr. Harold’s family has set a memorial fund, and any contributions should be sent to the American Heart Association under the deceased’s full names; Mr. Harold Olson. The donations are to be sent to 555 Hampton, Victory Lane. The HR department will be available to those employees and staff who are

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