Memo to the President of the United States

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The population of immigrants in America has increased substantially making it the state with the largest number of illegal immigrants. For a long time, these people have continued to provide cheap labor to the industrial and other business sectors. Many have established a home away from their sovereign countries and are more than willing to solidify their stay in the US. However, there are many challenges associated with these immigrants and in particular with the growing fight against terrorism. With your assumption of office, the least you could do is to address the issue of immigration. The General Law of Population specifies particular immigrant categories, conditions, and requirements that the foreigners must comply with so as to be permitted or admitted in Mexico. The articles 32 of the law gives the Mexican’s Interior Department the ability to concisely, but depending on the current demographic statistics, determine the number of immigrants who can be absorbed into the country. These may be through a legal permit or zone of residence or activities. The country has exclusive rights to only do this if the methods that it applies are relevant that of the immigration of outsiders and upon assessing their capacities to further the national progress (Waller 2). Already, the law has been in operation but not efficient. There have been undocumented immigrants although the current government allowed many to be registered and some others to be deported. There is only a few remaining who cannot be a threat to the country. Maintaining that they too are deported will only attract fights against your office. Mexico requires the federal government support to fight crime just

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