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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Memo as a superintendent To: All school principals in the district From: The superintendent Date: Subject: Formation of a committee Working together in support of learning is the ultimate way to achieve better results in schools. For this reason, I call upon all principles from all the schools in my district to volunteer in the formation of a single working committee that will ensure that parent involvement in schools is improved. Most people take for granted this volatile issue and fail to appreciate its significance in the education of children. In most cases, children only get their parent's attention when they are young, but as they grow, they are left alone to make their judgments’, which is not right. The school is a major factor in determining the extent to which parents should get involved in their children’s education. When parents get involved in their children’s lives, academic performance, and general classroom behavior is enhanced. This is a result of the positive attitude instilled in the children and the self-esteem boost experienced when there is harmony between them, the educators, and their parents. Children need their parents to show concern from the time they are in preschool to the time they complete high school. Income or Social status cannot determine a child’s success because with training parents whose children are disadvantaged in any way get encouraged and become involved. Teachers also benefit fparents to volunteer rom this kind of relationship as they are motivated, and they can understand their students better despite their race, disability, or social status. Knowing the

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