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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date WHY I WOULD BE AN ASSET TO THE MEDICAL SCHOOL AND THE MEDICAL PROFESSION A medical school is an institution of learning that has been tasked to provide teaching and efficient services to the upcoming medical practitioners. It follows a stipulated curriculum and adheres to principles of medicine. Many things make one be an asset to a medical school. Attending and registering in a medical school bind one to the norms, traditions and the regulations that are attached to the medical school. I believe that I would be an asset to the medical school and the medical field in general. I have always feel attached to the medical field. My dream since my high school years has been to join medical school and bring an impact in the medical profession in general. I would like to acquire skills from the medical school that would enable me to be a competent doctor in my career. I aim to lessen people's suffering through my knowledge as a medical doctor one day. I have the right attitude required in the medical field. My admission to the medical school will be a get way of showcasing my talents and abilities. In my high school years, I used to work with the first aid club. This built my urge to join a medical school and after that become a practicing doctor. I was able to attend many conferences and practical on first aid techniques with some of the notable doctors in the field. This also helps build my dream of one day wanting to become a practicing doctor. I have always held to the opinion that life is a sacred entity. It, therefore, needs to be respected and preserved at all cost. It is also with this notion that

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