Medicine men/ doctors in diffent cultures. how does some one get the status of dr. or shaman or medicine man

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MEDICINE MEN IN DIFFERENT CULTURES Name: Instructor: Task: Date Medicine men in different cultures Introduction Generally speaking, a medicine man/woman is a term used to refer to a spiritual healer or a traditional healer on various cultures. The medicine man, of course, is the channel through which God works. In specific terms, Native American tribes use the term for the same reference. The medicine man was believed to be powerful and had control over the physical nature and act as a rapport between his community and the spiritual world. The society followed instructions given by the healers as a remedy, through various traditional activities incorporated in their different cultures. Such activities could range from a variety of ceremonies that guide the administration of offered solutions, following specific rituals and belief patterns. The role played by the spiritual leader was to transform to a state in which he/she can intercede and probe the spiritual world to provide solutions to the community during difficult times. This paper sets out to explore the medicine man in three different cultures represented by the Native American culture, the Cherokee culture, and the Traditional African culture, outlining the requirements that one needs to fulfill before they can qualify to become one. Medicine Men in Native America Key concepts in the Native American culture are that they were a diverse group of people, speaking a variety of languages in different cultural groups. Some tribes practiced the nomadic kind of life, mainly depending on hunting and gathering while other tribes relied for the most part on agriculture and thus lived in relatively permanent

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