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New Healthcare Bill Name University Affiliation Date Word Count: 1009 NEW HEALTHCARE BILL Most of the revenue in the US goes to healthcare yet the country still ranks poorly in the health status of its employees Schroeder, 2007:1). To curb the problem of healthcare the nation needs a new health care bill that will help the government intervene on health problems by engaging in early disease intervention and prevention. For instance, responses are crucial for the poor and socially disadvantaged persons to ensure they receive appropriate health care education and of ways of preventing diseases. In designing the new healthcare bill, the government can consider some ideas from the following journal articles. In his article Schroeder (2007:1) explains that a country does not need to have super powers to be healthy. He precisely points out that if the government is to yield positive results on health bills they need to intervene on obesity and smoking. The idea is that lifestyle behaviors impact on mortality rates and they are influenced by social-economic and development trends. There is a need to deal with these colossal epidemic by adjusting the health systems. Apparently, as Robert and Benedict put it public health policies are the answers to health care challenges. Schroeder (2007:2) further notes that altering the policies and procedures that lead to unhealthy lifestyles will help promote a healthy nation rather than trying to change the behavior of a single person at a time. For instance, companies selling with tobacco and alcohol continuously convince people to consume their products which in the end lead to deadly diseases. The government should borrow

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