Media performance in the 2016 Election Season

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Media Performance in the 2016 Election Season INTRODUCTION According to Media and Elections, the media are very imperative in a democratic space, and without the media, democratic elections may not be readily achievable (1). Free and fair elections may not be necessarily the freedom and the knowledge to vote, but also an interactive process where the electorate shares information, access information about their preferred candidates, policies, political parties and the election process. That helps them to make very precise and informed opinions when voting. Besides, the media acts as a crucial watchdog to a democratic process, and also safeguard the interest of the people without any biasness. Therefore, a democratic process covered by a gagged media would be the direct contradiction of its role. Ten years back, it was declared in the annual World Press Freedom Day that the independence and the plurality of the media are critical in upholding transparency, accountability, and participation of the members of the public (Media and Elections,1). The declaration also encouraged the people to respect the role of the media in promoting good governance and democracy. To fulfill the requirements in the declaration, the media needs to maintain precision, professionalism, and fairness in their coverage of election seasons. Notably, the media have been in the past comprehended to refer to the radio, television, printed press, and networks. However, the definition in the modern society has even become broader, encompassing new media such as blogs, independent news portals, and various social media platforms. In the United States of America

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