Media Images and Representation of Sexualities

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Details Date Media Image and Representation of Sexualities What the world looked like for the folks that grew up in the 20th century is very different from what is visible today. Slowly the world is transforming to a real ‘free world.' People no longer care much of what is said of their actions. Queer behaviors were rare in the 1990s and not a common sight in the media. The existence of televisions shows such as Sex and The City, the L Word, and Will and Grace are a sign of the changing world. Over time people who thought of changing their gender were considered to be mentally ill before the idea of gender choosing became popular in the late 1990s and gained public limelight in the 21st century. Human rights activists have been at the forefront championing the rights of people with unusual behaviors. However, notwithstanding the advancement in the realm of human rights, transgenders, gays, and bisexuals have always feared for their lives. In Queer Eye, the participants engage in physical activities aimed at ensuring their security or advancing their self-defense techniques for such persons have not been fully accepted into society. In Queer Eye, Goff is predicted to be the weak person who needs more protection as Goff was born a lady but wishes to identify as a man. It is after the introduction of Goff into Queer Eye that the aspect of physical exercise for self-defense gets introduced. As much as all the participants in Queer Eye are either transsexual or bisexual they still believe they are no greater risk than Goff since what can hurt them is a broken relationship and not physical encounters. What stands

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